In fiction, I would be Astarael of the Abhorsen bells, smelling of rosemary and amaranth, locked with chains deep into the well. I would be Kira Argounova, with a cougar as a daemon. Hunter of Neverwhere. Playing a small part in the Silmarillion as Idril Celebrindal (the Silver-foot), golden as Laurdlin before the coming of Melkor. The product of Numa Child and Elathuria -- a child of tragedy . . . depending on how you see it. For the Great House of Roke, I would be the Master Patterner, reading the shadows of the Immanent Grove. In myth, Theseus would be the asshole prince who abandoned me on the shores of Naxos while I sleep. Sailing away after I have saved his life from my Minotaur brother. Although I like the part afterwards: with comforting-Dionysus, who loved me so that he placed my crown among the stars when I died.